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Amazon offers Cocaine at bargain prices

When KitGuru heard the news that Amazon was about to start stocking Cocaine, we thought – for a second – that it was a return to conservative/Victorian values and ethics. Suddenly a new range of ‘tonics' would be available over the counter and Coca Cola could return to its original ‘Wow, I can go all night' formula. Actually, it transpires that Co:Caine is a brand new range of headsets from Wavemaster. KitGuru pulls out the cotton buds to explore.

The packaging is stylish enough and the headset itself has some quality features – including some very flexible joints for maximum ear comfort.

While the ear-cushions themselves are not sound-cancelling, but they certainly look padded enough to allow you to drift off into your own private world at any sensible volume level.

Based on looks alone, the killer here seems to be the price.

We will need to take them apart in the KitGuru Labs, but it's hard to see how you can go wrong with headphones that only cost £38.

Worth mentioning that the parent company is Wavemaster – who have been designing audio products in Germany for many years.

Whatever the quality of the product itself, you can be sure that Amazon agreeing to stock and sell Cocaine will create a buzz [groan – Ed].


KitGuru says: The ‘cool' kids will want them for the name. Almost any kid would want them to antagonise their parents and generate intergenerational conflict. But will the musos love them for their sound reproduction? We'll let you know shortly.

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