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Astro A40 and Mixamp Review


The Astro A40 package is extremely well presented and screams quality right away. The outer sleeve of the box is made from high grade cardboard. The front depicts the A40 headset and Mixamp, along with the model of the headset written right over the image in glossy text.

The upper right of the box shows a glossy red box that covers the front and top of the package. The text in the box shows that the headset is designed to work with the Xbox 360, PS3 and of course the PC.


Over on the reverse side of the package, there is an image that shows us how the headset is connected to the Mixamp. Also slightly blacked out we can see that you can connect more Mixamps in a daisy chain configuration. Astro have labelled the different parts and added short descriptions of them below the image.


Removing the outer sleeve we are greeted with a graffiti style gatefold box. On the front there is some rather attractive looking art work, featuring robots in various positions, a truck and some small circles with different images on them, from crash test logos to skulls. A compartment to the right contains the detachable microphone, documentation and all of the required cables you may need.

The cables included in this package are:
Optical audio, USB power cable, A40 console cable, Xbox live cable, PC splitter and a 3.5mm jack cable.

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