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Astro A40 and Mixamp Review

The Astro A40 is very sleek looking, it’s light, flexible and very attractive. The headset alone without cables attached weighs in at 324g.
When we first removed the A40 from the packaging, our first thought was that it was fragile, but on closer inspection it is actually much stronger than it looks. Where some headsets lack in flexibility and are fairly stiff, the A40 flexes really nicely, without feeling cheap.

The ear cups fold flat, this make storing the headset a little easier.

The headset is made from plastic with metal adjustment rods. We really like the way that Astro have designed these rods, there are cut-outs in the metal work that allows you to view the coiled up cable. The coiled cables have a function as well as looking really nice. The cable provides some protection from stretching and wear over time, especially if the headset is used by multiple people and is being adjusted a lot.

It seems Astro have given the A40 the supercar treatment, removing any unnecessary bulk. The design itself is a really nice balance of sharp edges and smooth curves.

Astro have also added microphone sockets in both ear cups, allowing you to choose on which side you would like the microphone to be. The headset has removable plates known as ‘Tags’ on both ear cups, these are attached using magnets. Astro sell replacement tags as well as tags with images and logos on, such as Battlefield 4 and Dead space.

The included tags carry the Astro branding, one has a hole in to accommodate the microphone and the other doesn’t. Both of the tags fit either side, so no extra tags are needed to move the mic from left to right or vice versa. The included microphone is very flexible and has a brushed steel effect mouth piece to give it that premium finish.


The headset has a 3.5mm socket that sits at the back of the left ear cup, this seems a nice place to have it meaning cables do not get in the way too much. This is the socket that connects the headset to the Mixamp using the included 3.5mm cable. The connecting cable has an inline mute slider that is rubberised and is very easy to grip.

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