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ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

Like many manufacturers these days, ROCCAT has opted for a rubberised paint finish for the Kave headset which looks and feels great and should stand the test of time well.  There isn’t much about the design which screams ‘gaming headset’ to us – the design is much more understated.  In fact the only visual clue to the gaming nature of this headset is the small ROCCAT logos that can be found on both earcups.

The boom microphone attaches to a small connector on the left earcup which lets you rotate it completely and remove it when not in use.  The performance of this microphone is just what we would expect for a gaming headset.  The sound recorded is more than adequate for chatting over Ventrilo or Teamspeak in game.  The microphone can be muted using the in line control and, when active, a small ring around the end of the microphone is illuminated blue.

ROCCAT have implemented one of the best inline controls we’ve seen on a gaming headset, letting you adjust the levels of all four sound channels independently.  Below these sliders there is a switch that lets you choose between game mode and movie mode.  All of these controls are covered by a plastic flap that will stop you from knocking them accidentally in game.  On the top of the inline control there is a circular volume slider which adjusts the overall volume of the headset.  The centre of this circle acts as the mute button and the microphone mute button is located on the side.

For those who frequent LAN parties, ROCCAT have implemented a sophisticated hinge design which lets you fold the headset up into a smaller form.  This makes the portable size much smaller and will reduce the likelihood of the headset breaking when in a bag.  Despite being finished in plastic, the Kave has durable metal hinges that are sure to enhance the longevity of the headset. ROCCAT have chosen to use leather ear pads for the Kave which enhance comfort.  The headband also has three leather pads that should improve comfort too.

We have never reviewed a headset that requires quite so many connections as the ROCCAT Kave.  To enable it’s full functionality, we are required to connect four 3.5mm connectors and a USB connector into the PC, meaning that the ROCCAT Kave isn’t ideally suited to those who game on a laptop.  Considering the price of this headset, we are a little surprised that the 3.5mm connectors aren’t gold plated.

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