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Asda open at midnight for Nintendo 3DS launch

Nintendo 3DS mania is hitting the UK this week and supermarket chain store Asda have announced that they are opening tonight at midnight to get Nintendo fans get their hands on the new portable game console.

We find the statement quite amusing however as many of the stores are open 24 hours a day, but its a nice stunt to get parents into the stores for a purchase. A specific number of stores will open beyond the normal trading hours but ASDA have said that customers will have to use the store locator to find the local supermarket and then check if it will be open (if its not a 24 hour store).

The official launch date for the 3DS is the 25th March, and ASDA are clearly banking on the fact that parents will have been worn down by the kids over the last month.

The console will be on sale for £197 in store and if you buy the console in the first 3 days you can get a list of games for £15.

games on offer for £15:
Super Street Fighter
Pilot Wings
Lego Star Wars
Nintendogs Golden Retriever
Nintendogs Bulldog
Nintendo Poodle
Super Monkey Ball
Splinter Cell
Ridge Racer
Sims 3
Ghost Recon Shadow War

KitGuru says: Will you be in the midnight queue?

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