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Roccat Kone[+] Laser Gaming Mouse Review

The software package supplied with the Kone[+] is one of the most feature-full we’ve seen and lets us configure everything we could possibly ask for.

On the main page we can set five switchable DPI levels and the sensitivity level alongside the vertical and horizontal scrolling speeds.  The settings can be configured in five different profiles which can also be switched in game.

Pressing the ‘Button Assignment’ tab lets us alter the functions of all the buttons.  Roccat have included their EasyShift[+] system into the Kone[+] which gives all the mouse buttons a second function.  You can configure which button acts as the EasyShift[+] button but it is set to the browser back button as standard.  Altogether, you can configure 21 button functions.

The is  built-in macro manager that allows us to record our own macros which can be set to any of the buttons except the left and right mouse buttons.  Roccat have also created a list of predefined macros for various different games which can also be assigned to these buttons.  Alongside this, Roccat have also developed a function called ‘EasyAim’ which can be used to switch the mouse to a specific DPI level in game.  This is very useful when aiming with a sniper rifle where a lower DPI settings is preferable.

Clicking on the ‘Color Control’ tab lets us configure the Kone[+]’s impressive LED-lighting system.  There is a vast selection of lighting colours to choose from alongside a whole host of lighting effects.

The fourth tab, ‘Advanced Control’, is where we can alter some more advanced settings that the average user probably wouldn’t find a use for.  The ‘Advanced Sensitivity’ option lets us configure DPI independently for the X and Y axes and the ‘Polling Rate’ option lets us set the polling rate to one of four defined levels.  There is also settings for distance control, tracking control (more on this later) and pointer speed.  There is also an option which plays a sound when profiles, DPI, volume of sensitivity is altered.

On the fifth and final page of the software we find the support details and a facilities for updating the driver and mouse firmware.

The Roccat Kone[+] is one of the only mice out there that boasts a mammoth 6000 DPI laser sensor.  This is sure to whet the appetites of high-sensitivity gamers.  It tracked accurately throughout our tests with no lapses at all.

Thanks to a generous area of teflon on the base of the mouse, the Kone[+] glides smoothly and effortlessly when used on every gaming surface we tested it with.  Roccat have developed something called a ‘Tracking Control Unit’ (TCU for short) which detects the surface you’re using and optimises the sensor accordingly.  We couldn’t really notice any difference when calibrating the mouse to the surface but the difference may be more pronounced when using vastly different types of surface.

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