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Thrustmaster releases Forza Horizon 5-themed Eswap XR Pro controller

Thrustmaster has partnered with Microsoft to release a unique Forza Horizon 5-themed controller. As part of the Eswap Pro line of controllers, this gamepad includes the same hot-swap modules to change the positioning of the d-pad and analogue sticks. However, it also has an exclusive racing wheel module. 

The Eswap XR Pro controller Forza Horizon 5 Edition is a collector's edition item officially licenced by the game's developer and Microsoft. Customised with Forza Horizon 5's official colours, this controller packs all the same features as Thrustmaster's original Eswap XR Pro controller, with the additional flair of the hit racing game.

What makes the Eswap Pro controllers stand out is the hot-swap modules. The standard Pro and the X Pro allow you to interchange the analogue and d-pad. However, the Forza Edition controller has a third feature – an exclusive racing wheel module featuring the same re-centring system used in racing wheels for enhanced turning and drifting control.

Technically, this module eliminates the vertical element of analogue sticks while only operating on a horizontal plane. As such, it increases the precision of your trajectories while the 95° rotation angle allows you to maintain complete control of the vehicle. The Eswap XR Pro Forza Horizon 5 controller is now available for $179.99/€199.99/£169.99.

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KitGuru says: What do you think about Thrustmaster's racing wheel module for the Eswap Pro controller? Is it a good alternative to a true racing wheel? 

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