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Microsoft planning its own glasses heads up display tech

We know Google isn't the only one working on a glasses based, heads up display, but now we can add one more name to that list, with a published Microsoft patent showing that it too is keen to get in on the emerging scene.

However the software giant's offering appears more focused than other offerings we've seen. While Google's Project Glass seems to be designed more as an everyday item of clothing that users will utilise throughout the day, Microsoft's seems more geared towards specific viewing events. Say you're watching a sports game or a concert, the glasses will allow for augmented information to be displayed on top of your field of view.

This makes development of the technology a lot easier for Microsoft, simply because they know a user is likely to be sitting down or at least remaining relatively stationary while experiencing the augmented effect of the glasses: IE. They aren't going to walk into anything while trying to read whatever text just flashed before their eyes.

Microsoft Glasses
Like 3D glasses though, will people really want to wear them? Source: Unwired View

One interesting feature I noted within the patent, was a directed experience. For specific “scripted events,” it's described that a director could be in charge of what information appears, as opposed to it being automated depending on the input or timing of the show. This could be very interesting and perhaps create an entire new job for live event crews.

There is also talk of an eye tracking camera built into the glasses, allowing the displays to show information based on what the user is actually looking at, not necessarily just what they are able to see.

KitGuru Says: How much are you guys interested in Augmented reality? It sounds like it'll have some potentially interesting uses, but how much will they catch on? Give us your thoughts below.

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