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Ravpower RP-PB13 14,000 mAh Power Bank Review

Inside the packaging we find a few different items. The RP-PB13 Power bank, five different device connectors (Mini USB , Micro USB , Nokia DC2.0, Apple connector and Samsung 30pin). Also we have 2x USB cables with connectors on the opposite ends to attach the appropriate connector. The user guide and flannel storage bag are also provided inside the box.

The dimensions of the Ravpower RP-PB13 are 4.92” x 3.15” x 0.79”. It weighs 9.98 ounces or just a shade over 280 grams. The charger is certainly ideal to store inside the glove box of a car, in your pocket or even a small bag without being a hassle.

One of the first things i noticed when i removed the charger from the packaging, was how solid and well-built it was. The Ravpower Rp-PB13 casing is made from matt finished plastic, which means it is more resistant to fingerprints and scratches when comparing with many gloss finished products.

The Ravpower RP-PB13 uses a Samsung lithium-ion battery which is protected using an auto shutdown feature and over-current protection.

On the bottom of device there are some tech specs printed, describing output/input voltages, battery capacity and the model number. The battery is rated at 14,000 mAh.

There are two outputs on the charger, meaning you can charge two devices at once – one 1A port as well as a 2A port. The 1A port caters for most mobile phones while the 2A port is aimed at devices such as tablets/iPads.

The Ravpower RP-PB13 has a long blue light strip indicator that indicates charging status while highlighting how much power is left. The strip contains four separate sections that light up individually during charging.

  • One light – <25%
  • Two lights 25- 50%
  • Three lights – 50-75%
  • Four lights- 75 – 100%

As well as a charging device Ravpower have added an L.E.D flashlight function, making the device great for power shortages and emergencies. You can activate the torch feature by holding down the button for around 5 seconds.

To charge the Ravpower RP-PB13 itself, you can connect the device to a USB port using the 5v in socket. Charging via a computer USB port will be the slowest method of charging due to the 500mAh output current of USB. The best way to charge the RP-PB13 is via an AC adapter with a 1000mAh output.

The RP-PB13 doesn’t ship with an AC adapter, so we decided to charge the device using a Samsung phone charger. Charging to 100% took around 7 hours.

Using the Power bank is very simple, just attach the desired connector to the included USB cable and plug it into the relevant USB slot on the front of the device. You then simply press the button on the top of the device and the attached device should charge.

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