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Lofree taps into PC nostalgia with new Block 98 mechanical keyboard with TTC POM switches

Lofree has recently launched its latest creation, the Block 98 wireless mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is a perfect combination of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, inspired by the design philosophy of ‘Less is More' and the iconic Braun elements.

The keyboard's design draws inspiration from the legendary Braun design ethos, featuring smooth volume control knobs, an easily readable status panel, self-lubricated switches, and a quiet typing experience.

The Lofree Block 98 blends the minimalist geometric “Block” design with valuable features. It includes two round knobs adorned with Hermès orange accents, enhancing the keyboard's aesthetics and providing a tactile experience for adjusting volume and selecting between connection methods. In terms of practicality, Lofree places a premium on the user experience. The minimal status panel not only displays the lock status of the numpad area and caps but also provides a clear indication of the connected device and remaining power. Users can effortlessly switch between 14 white backlit effects and choose what best fits them.

The keyboard features self-designed stabilisers, IPXE, foam cushioning, and TTC POM switches to deliver a quiet typing experience. What's more, the Lofree Block 98 is hot-swappable, which means that users can change the switches quite easily.

While the Block 98 may look like a keyboard from the past at a glance, it is packed with the latest connectivity standards, including dual-wireless through Bluetooth and 2.4G. You can also connect it directly with a USB-C cable. With the backlight on, you should get ten hours of typing in wireless mode on a single-charge, which jumps up to 80 hours with the backlight switched off. The keyboard will cost £138.94 and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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