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Razer begins Cyber Weekend price drop

If you've been wanting to buy up some Razer gear for a while but haven't quite had the funds to do so, now might be the right time to invest, as Razer has just dropped the prices on some of its products for the weekend – offering free shipping with every order.

While it's not everything, in-fact a cynical reader might suggest that it's only the niche products that aren't being made any more that are being discounted, the price drops are significant enough to be worth noting. Many of them are 50 per cent cuts, though all have been slashed by a noticeable margin.

Cyber Weekend
Who doesn't love free tshirts and lanyards? Doesn't beat my NZXT sword, but hey.

Some of the items on sale include gaming controllers branded after Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age II. There's the Hydra Portal 2 bundle with a halved price tag, Razer Chinera gaming headsets are reduced by £25 each, while you can get Tron branded peripherals and save a fair chunk of change.

Along with the free shipping, Razer is promising anyone that orders over £89 a free “Swag Bundle,” if they input the code RAZERGIFTGB at checkout. Make sure you remember it if you're ordering.

KitGuru Says: Maybe something there would make a good christmas present for a gamer pal of yours?

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