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Cherry debuts its first keyboard with Silent MX switches

This week at CES, Cherry announced that it would be releasing a new Silent MX Keyboard, with the goal of delivering the same quality typing experience you are used to with Cherry Switches all while reducing noise compared to current Cherry Switch keyboards. The keyboard in question here is an updated version of the classic G80-3000 and it comes in two flavours, MX Red Silent and MX Black Silent.

These new ‘Silent’ switches are built to offer the same level of resistance as their non silent counterparts. This means you will need 45 cN of force to actuate a red and 60 cN of force for the black switch. However, the clicks you often hear while typing on a mechanical will be heavily reduced by adding rubber pads into the design to minimise noise. It also uses a sturdy housing featuring Gold Crosspoint contacts and a precise spiral spring.


This silent switch design has been seen out in the wild before as part of a timed exclusivity deal with Corsair. However, that deal has since expired, leaving other manufacturers and Cherry itself to start releasing keyboards featuring these new switch designs.

Cherry’s own Silent keyboard will be available soon, though you will only be able to find it in a European layout for the time being, so US buyers may want to keep that in mind before making the jump. The Cherry G80-3000 will hit the market with an MSRP of $149.99.

KitGuru Says: Cherry has long been the ‘gold standard’ for mechanical keyboard switches and that reign will likely continue. However for me personally, I would never want to dampen the clicks of my switches, if anything, that’s half the reason I use a mechanical board in the first place. That said, keyboard preference can vary quite a bit from person to person so I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that would like a silent mechanical switch. What switches do you currently use on your mechanical keyboard

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