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Func Surface 1080 refreshed and released

Func is paving the road to make it to the top of the gaming industry. Today marks the reintroduction of a refreshed concept coupled with a completely new upcoming range of innovative products.

Func aims to enhance the gaming experience through products designed with functionality in mind. Introducing first, a new version of the classic Surface 1030, highly acclaimed among gamers and reviewers. Func Surface 1030 offers the dual-sided concept like the earlier versions and now comes in two sizes, large and x-large.

“Func is back and it’s time to revamp the look and feel as we reintroduce the brand and focus on becoming a successful and complete provider of gaming products. Bringing back Func, though, is so much more than just cosmetic changes – it’s about enhancing the gaming experience in a more meaningful way.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMaqB4GeqS0′]

We are dedicated to creating products that will increase performance, just like we did back in the day, and we want to do it in an honest and trustworthy way”, says  Calle Conradsson, Func.

Source: Press Release

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