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Fastest Asus router ever made gets new pricing

With the price originally set at £200 by Asus, KitGuru Labs tested the RT-AC66U to destruction (almost) when it was still over £180. Today sees an additional cut from Amazon which brings the price down even more. KitGuru asks if this as far as the price cutting goes?

Price cuts are a great idea, right?

Getting more and more product for less and less money – surely there’s no downside?

Actually, there is and not only for the supply chain.

Back in the golden days of retail, in a world without internet and online price comparison engines like Google, products were made, shipped, stored, displayed and sold.

Every now and then, someone who take stock by sending a team of youngsters and auditors through shops and warehouses to see what was what. Reports would be compiled, with a margin of error built in, then a wizened old soul would ponder a lot of numbers scribbled on a lot of paper and decide where the discounts would happen in January and July. Those were the sales and for the other 10 months of the year, you could pay the recommended price or live without.

Now we live in an offers culture, where something is on sale all the time – stock is checked, promoted and dumped in real time – and prices bounce around like a yoyo.

Enter the Asus RT-AC66U.

Described by Asus as the fastest wireless router the retail world has ever seen, the price is now sitting around £158 on Amazon. It was at £200, then £188 and more recently around £167 – so will £158 be its final resting place?

Sources close to Asus have indicated that this is probably it – but don’t take that as gospel if you buy one and it goes to £153 next month.


KitGuru says: We all love a bargain, but if wait too long then the deal we have been eyeing can pass us by. Sure, there will be another to take its place, but will that require a compromise?   Just so you know, at KitGuru HQ we love researching products, but once we’ve done our searches we make the purchase. You might get bitten this way every now and then, but if you need a product and believe that it represents ‘good value’ at the price you see – how much harm is really done if you miss out on getting a few more quid off?

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