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Diskwars returns with Warhammer tactical battle game

If you’re a fan of big board games, then chances are you’re a fan of Fantasy Flight. It produces some of the best looking and most popular tabletop board games of today – including some of my favourites like: War of the Ring, Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Arkham Horror – and it’s got a new one ready to tempt the wallets of board games aficionados and Warhammer players alike.

However Warhammer Diskwars is no miniature tabletop wargame, or board game dice roller, but more of a mashup of styles in a re-imagining of the 1999 Fantasy Flight classic game of the same name. Set in the Warhammer fantasy universe, but featuring discs that are literally flipped end of end, the game mixes unit management with fast paced combat and real world player dexterity, making something that should hopefully be quite unique.


“Warhammer: Diskwars is a game of ferocious, fast-paced tabletop battles for two to four players,” reads the game’s release, over at BoardGameGeek. “At the heart of the game’s conflicts are its disks, which represent heroes and units from across the Old World. During the game, you activate these disks, flipping them end over end to move them across the battlefield, position them to attack, and interact with terrain and other disks it overlaps. When one disk covers another disk, the disk on top is considered to be “pinning” the disk below it; this prevents the pinned disk from activating, and at the end of the round, overlapping disks must fight one another. By maneuvering carefully to pin your opponent’s units, you can strike them down, seize control of the battlefield, and win the day!”

The game is designed to be focused around its heroes, with thematic armies created around their deeds and styles and each box set comes with everything you need to play a full game. There’s four races, represented by over 60 unit and leader discs, terrain cards, objectives and command cards – making this quite a busy box. However the price isn’t going to anywhere near as hefty as some of the big game releases, coming in at $40 (£25).

Unfortunately despite the big announcement, Diskwars isn’t slated to be readily available until early next year, but keep your eyes peeled as this date could change.

KitGuru Says: This looks like quite an interesting one, though despite its lack of game board, I suspect it would take plenty of space to play, so not one for the travel gamers.

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