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Soulra causes a ‘rukus’ with punchy sounding speaker

Soulra, a leading creator of high-performance and environmentally friendly products, announces the availability of the Rugged rukus in the UK and Europe. This portable, Bluetooth wireless, solar-powered sound system features a durable and IPX4-certified splash-proof design, making it an essential piece of kit for outdoor adventurers. In addition, the Rugged rukas has the ability to play music while simultaneously keeping a smartphone or tablet charged and ready for use whenever, wherever.

With a lightweight and compact design that can fit into most rucksacks, the Ruggedrukus is an all-terrain speaker that has been designed to be tough without sacrificing impressive audio quality. Featuring the ability to pair with any Bluetooth-compatible device, the Rugged rukus effortlessly delivers crisp stereo sound using its two highly efficient, full-range speaker drivers.

An aesthetically pleasing design and striking colour pallet conceals a lithium battery that is charged by a 20 square-inch solar panel or USB adapter. Five hours in direct sunlight fully charges the Rugged ruku —or plug it in for a full charge within 2.5 hours. Once juiced, the Rugged rukus’ will keep the tunes playing for 8+ hours which is perfect for long weekend walking trips and camping. Climbers will also love this durable little speaker because of its carabiner-ready loops that can be attached to any safety device.

“The Rugged rukus is extremely portable and splash-proof, so it’s easy to take your tunes with you anywhere and everywhere,” said Esmail Hozour, CEO of Soulra. “Because you’re able to charge your smartphone and take advantage of its resilient design, it’s essential gear for any outdoor lover or frequent traveller.”

Soulra has recently undergone a re-brand meaning that the Rugged rukas was previously manufactured by Eton Corporation.

The Rugged rukas is available for £89.90

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