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Microsoft Kinect too expensive?

Microsoft have been coming under attack due to the £129.99 price point on the Kinect Controller for the Xbox 360 – many feel this is just too much money for the device.

Brett Siddons, Microsoft UK’s marketing manager spoke to Techradar and he says that the price was fair because Kinect provides an all in one multiplayer solution.

“The camera tracks six people…you don’t have to buy anything else,” said Siddons. “I’ll let you do the maths, but when you say Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move you buy this and this, even for a two player game. What do you need and what do actually have to spend for a two player game for this device versus that device? You actually find that [Kinect] is very competitively priced.”

KitGuru says: Has Siddons got a point?

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