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3-Sweep will blow your mind

3-Sweep is a new piece of software being developed by a team of researchers at Tel Aviv university in Israel that takes objects from old 2D pictures and pops them into the 3rd dimension. 3D conversion isn't exactly new but this is quite unique, pin-pointing certain points of the picture and turning them into moveable and resizable 3D models.

The first two clicks outline the object's profile with the third running along its main axis. The software will automatically snap to the object you're outlining while your highlighting it too. When you're done, the background gets filled in for you, allowing you to place your 3D model anywhere in the image.

This video demonstrates 3-Sweep in action:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oie1ZXWceqM']

The creators aim to make this simple to use so even a novice can get to grips with it. The fact that something so cool can be done so easily is the mind blowing feat of this new programme. Our human ability to perceive is used to recognise the position and partition of shapes and then the computer does the rest.

Taps and certain other objects can require a bit more thought to create.

One of the creators Tao Chen has hopes of this software being utilised in games too. He imagines games such as the sims using this to allow players to populate their world with objects of their own, bringing in a whole new potential element to simulation games. This would make simulation titles much more captivating allowing for your world to feel much more personal and real. Unfortunately most of the original core team behind this have reportedly moved on to other projects but there is still hope as the popularity of the video has got them thinking out how to get this demo into public hands as soon as they can.

KitGuru Says: I really like the idea of this being used to easily create your own in game objects; simulations could really take advantage of that. It could also help professional photographers achieve some of their goals.What are some of the uses you guys could think of for this tech?

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