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Microsoft Office for iPad on the horizon?

It may be hard to believe, but Microsoft have yet to release their extremely popular Office suite for the Apple iPad. According to earlier reports from The Daily in February, it was said Microsoft would release the software ‘in the coming weeks', but it never happened. Microsoft said at the time that the report was ‘inaccurate rumors'.

We reported earlier this week that Google bought QuickOffice, a start up company who create applications for the iPad and Android market. These programs let the end user open up and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.

Microsoft have been dithering for many months now, and it looks as if Google will be promoting QuickOffice to target the audience who have yet to use a high grade office suite on their mobile device.

Since the Google takeover was announced, there have been rumblings behind the scenes that Microsoft are preparing an imminent release of Office for Mobile, sooner rather than later. They already offer OneNote, for taking notes.

Microsoft have already said that they do not comment on ‘rumors or speculation', but they will need to act fairly quickly to ensure that a large user base doesn't adopt QuickOffice before they have a competing product available.

QuickOffice on the iPad store sells in America for $19.99 although we expect the Mobile Office suite to cost more.

Some experts believe that Microsoft have been deliberately delaying the release, as they are hedging their bets on Windows 8 targeting the tablet market. Offering Office to a competing platform could damage sales. That said, could they really ignore such a large revenue making market?

Google have already persuaded some companies to switch to their email system, but Office sales haven't slowed. It is still a key focus point for Microsoft.

Clint Patterson, director of communications for Microsoft's Office Division said “Google Apps require compromise and don’t meet the productivity needs of most people and businesses. Google’s primary focus is advertising, so it’s not surprising that they are trying to address the limitations of Google Apps through acquisition.”

Kitguru says: We firmly believe that Microsoft need to release Office out for the mobile platform, very soon.

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