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HTC snub invitation to Microsoft Windows 8 party

HTC have dramatically snubbed Microsoft by refusing to attend their Windows 8 party. Microsoft previous apparently refused their tablet development team access to the forthcoming operating system.

Microsoft made the call when looking at their tablet sales figures and factoring in their inexperience, according to insiders who spoke to Bloomberg.

This will be a severe blow to HTC, who are struggling this year and could have made extra revenue from Windows 8 tablets.

Windows 8 Tablet: You won't see an HTC model

IDC Analyst Melissa Chau spoke to The Register “It’s no big deal. RIM found tablets a big distraction while it was trying to improve its phone business and I feel the same way about HTC.”

HTC have been posting a poor series of financials, Q1 net profits dropped 70 percent year on year.

Matthew Thornton, an analyst at Avian Securities LLC said “Things just get worse from here. It’s a very bleak outlook.”

Kitguru says: Is this such a big loss for HTC?

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