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Kindle Convert allows you to digitize your library

Kindle convert

Amazon have released a PC application that you can use to turn your dusty old physical books, into Kindle ebooks. The app will allow you to scan any book while running text recognition to properly digitize the text and preserving any notes and pictures as well. These ebooks can then …

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Humble ebook Bundle II adds XKCD and more

The Humble ebook Bundle II is still going apace, despite not selling quite as many as the average gaming bundle. However now, if you pay above the average, you'll get a few extra ebooks added to your library, including volume 0 of the XKCD comics. The basic stack of ebooks …

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Amazon’s bringing DVD extras to ebooks

Amazon has been granted a patent for adding what is described as “DVD extras” to ebooks, suggesting that in the same way as movies were enhanced via special features like cast and crew interviews, documentary footage and behind the scenes information, books could be similarly added to. Video isn't something …

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New ebook DRM surfaces in Germany

While gamers might complain about DRM ruining games, readers might soon be saying the same when it comes to ebooks, as a German research group has just invented a new method of locking down digital copies of the world's novels, by injecting them with text and punctuation changes. The technique …

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Amazon angers authors over domain name buyups


Amazon is usually simultaneously the darling of authors and their worst enemy. Today it's looking more like the latter however, as Amazon is attempting to buyup the top level domains (TLD) of .book, .author and .read. These aren't the only ones the web giant is looking to purchase however. It's …

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Technology killing paperbacks

I fondly remember as a kid, getting a new book and wondering what cool and exciting adventures lay within. The smell of the paper, the feel of the pages on my fingers as I flipped them over.  It appears as if the charms of a paperback are dwindling, as electronic …

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