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Sweden pledges aid to Cambodia after Svartholm deported


In a move that seems morally fishy, but far from surprising, Sweden has pledged aid in the form of 400 million Kronor (£37.5 million) to Cambodia, after the South-East Asian nation agreed to deport The Pirate Bay founder, Gottfried Svartholm – allowing Swedish authorities to arrest him. The money is …

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Cambodian authorities to deport Pirate Bay founder

Gottfried Svartholm

Gottfrid Svartholm, one of the founders of The Pirate Bay, who was arrested last week in Cambodia, is now set to be deported back to Sweden where he faces jail time for his involvement in the torrent search website. The Phnom Penh Post broke the news, after speaking with the …

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US involved in Pirate Bay founder arrest?

Ron Kirk

Considering it took place in Cambodia, based off of a Swedish search warrant, it would be surprising if US authorities had anything to do with the arrest of Pirate Bay founder, Gottfrid Svartholm. However one visitor to the country on a particular day, throws up a few red flags. Ron Kirk, …

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