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Gaming agency settles $1 million in bitcoin botnet case

Esports gaming organisation, ESEA, has settled out of court with its bitcoin botnet case, agreeing to pay the State of New Jersey a million dollars to make the case go away. That case of course, is the one where it illegally installed bitcoin mining software and spyware on its user's …

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ESEA is now blaming unnamed employee for bitcoin mining

Yesterday we reported on how the anti-cheat, esports organisation, ESEA, had somehow managed to setup GPU bitcoin mining processes alongside its server software. Initially they blamed a server restart for implementing what they claimed was an “April fools” gag, but now they're pointing the finger at an unnamed employee. The …

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ESEA server client is infected with Bitcoin mining malware

The ESEA server client is designed to prevent cheaters, hackers and griefers in competitive online games like Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2. However recently it was discovered that for the past couple of weeks, the software had actually been home to a Bitcoin mining piece of malware too. The …

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