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AMD moves pre-GCN hardware to legacy status

This week, AMD officially launched Radeon Software, putting the Catalyst Control Centre to rest and moving on to a new era of driver support. However, these changes don’t just put Catalyst to bed, the new driver also drops support for some older Radeon graphics cards as well, meaning the 5000 …

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AMD may roll-out GCN successor in 2016

Advanced Micro Devices may introduce its all-new graphics architecture in late 2015 and then ramp it up in 2016. At least, Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer of AMD, implied on such scenario this week. Graphics architectures from ATI Technologies and Advanced Micro Devices live active life for about four years …

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Sapphire shows off R7 260X

Continuing its refresh of the 7 series generation of GPUs, AMD (and specifically Sapphire) has unveiled another, this time switching out the 7790 OC for its fresh faced alternative, the R7 260X. Performance is likely to be mostly comparable as it was in our reference review, but the cooler has …

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