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HIS HD6990 Dual CrossfireX Review

AMD launched the HD6990 today, and KitGuru was at hand to analyse the reference board. We know that discerning readers of KitGuru will want to see how two of these video cards perform in a Dual CrossFireX configuration. We will be putting two HD6990’s through their paces across single screen, …

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Sapphire release new HD6990 board

With the launch of the AMD HD6990 today, partners are scrambling to release their products. Unfortunately it appears that no one has a custom design yet, but hopefully that time will come. Make sure you read the KitGuru review of the AMD HD6990 posted earlier today. The new SAPPHIRE HD …

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AMD Radeon HD6990 Review

The battle for frame rate supremacy is always fun to watch, as AMD and Nvidia joust for top position with multi-million dollar R&D budgets. While the ultra high end cards generate only a small percentage of sales for either company, the performance leader will often generate sales lower down the …

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