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Intel make chips for startup firm with more in line

For the first time ever Intel have agreed to make processors for a startup firm, in a deal which is due to be announced later today. News has just reached KitGuru from Taipei. The startup firm Achronix Semiconductor Corp make chips that are specially designed for specific requirements, such as …

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Intel make a leap into security – McAfee buyover

News has just reached KitGuru that Intel are purchasing McAfee for $7.68 billion. If that makes your eyes water, then rest assured it won’t make much of a dent in Intel’s coffers. This move is one of the most dramatic in Intel’s history as they clearly want a shift into …

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Sandy Bridge Launch line up – info leaked

Computerbase appear to have leaked information on the Intel launch lineup for Sandy bridge. Both mobile and desktop parts are listed and while this is not confirmed it looks to be reasonably realistic going on previous reports. The move to Sandy Bridge will give customers new solutions with power via …

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