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Lite-On Group readies new brand for affordable SSDs

Lite-On Group, a large conglomerate of hardware manufacturers, is working on a new lineup of inexpensive solid-state drives. The new Zeta family of SSDs will be based on inexpensive controllers as well as on NAND flash memory from SK Hynix, which is pretty rare on the market of retail storage …

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Mushkin unveils affordable Reactor SSD with 1TB capacity

Although solid-state drives are considerably more affordable these days than they were several years ago, high-capacity 1TB SSDs remain pretty expensive and with price-points like £349/$550 out of budget of the vast majority of PC enthusiasts. However, the situation is changing. Mushkin Enhanced, a leading maker of advanced PC components, …

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Micron and SK Hynix interested in Taiwanese SSD controllers

The consolidation on the market of solid-state drives is in full swing right now. Just recently Seagate agreed to acquire LSI SandForce and LSI Nytro divisions from Avago, whereas yesterday SanDisk announced its takeover of Fusion-io. It is not surprising that large makers of SSDs and NAND flash memory are …

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