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NASA year long Mars habitation study concluded


A study that lasted a whole year to see how astronauts might deal with the difficulties of living in confined conditions with each other to simulate a round trip to Mars, has concluded in Hawaii. The study saw six scientists living together inside a specially built habitat for the full …

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Origami used to design new space probe solar panels

Often used as a tool for relaxation – or a murderous weapon if you're watching Seven Psychopaths – the art of paper folding, or Origami, can now add another use to its resume, as  a team of engineers from Brigham Young University has been in touch with an origami mathematician to figure …

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Do you want to be the first to live on Mars?

No really. Mars One, a Dutch non-profit organisation that hopes to fund the trip and everything involved by making the “biggest media event,” that's ever existed, is looking for a team of individuals to begin the colonisation of Mars, as soon as 2023. The selection process is said to be …

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