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Sound based tractor beam could create next-gen. holograms

Sound waves have long been postulated as a potential avenue for movie-like tractor beam technology, as it's been possible on a small scale to levitate objects or droplets of water using a pair of speakers or a single set and a reflector. Now though, scientists have been able to achieve …

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Clever chaps build functioning, reversible tractor beam

People often harp on about how we shouldn't be spending money on research into space age technologies, collecting rocks from other planets, or even consider the idea of sending people there, when we have so many problems here on Earth. What people often don't realise is it's these very technologies …

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Scientists create scifi Tractor Beam

Star Trek fans will rejoice, because Scientists have invented a real life Tractor Beam which uses light to attract objects. Star Trek may have used a tractor beam to drag along another space craft, however Scientists in the real world are hoping that it could have an impact in medical …

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