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250+ tech firms take stand against Obama’s TPP

Just a few years ago the internet and the world outside that took a stand against restrictive bills like SOPA, ACTA and PIPA, which would have caused immeasurable harm to the internet as we know it. Today it’s being threatened by a whole new kind of legislation, the kind that …

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US’ TPP trade agreement is stalling

It was back in November that we first started to hear details of the SOPA like, US trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Patnership, that would impose big limits of personal privacy, see worldwide draconian crackdowns on software and media piracy and potentially stop life saving drugs from being …

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Doctors Without Borders criticises SOPA like trade agreement

International medical humanitarian organisation, Doctors Without Borders, has released a statement condemning the US backed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), stating that if the agreement were signed by all countries it could severely limit the ability of many of the world’s citizens to access affordable medicine. As it stands, it’s not too …

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