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KITGURU Editorial Awards 2021 – the winners announced!

Every month, around 2.8 million technology enthusiasts, gamers, professionals, early adopters and influencers come to KitGuru to get honest, trustworthy buying advice on all of the latest hardware. Since we first launched, over 11 years ago, we've hit ‘publish' around 40,000 times and undertaken over a hundred thousands tests. Our YouTube channel has over 130,000 subscribers and our videos get up to 700,000 views. Against the background of all that experience, once a year we ask our editorial team to vote for the products that they believe are the best in the market. Today, we reveal the winners of the KitGuru Editorial Awards 2021!

Our team includes specialists who have run graphics for a national newspaper and aeronautical engineers who have worked in the Rolls Royce engine team. As well as that real-world grounding, they have also dedicated years of their lives to investigating, understanding and evaluating leading edge PC-related hardware. KitGuru's testing is methodical, scientific and always completely impartial. Why? Because we want to provide you – our reader – with the very best buying advice possible.

Some of these awards are for a series of products, while others are for a specific model. In either case, we have included the relevant details in the bottom right hand corner of the award graphic. Some even link through to online stores where you can place your order, should you so wish.

Our categories range from CPUs to GPUs, from motherboards to memory. Whatever product you are looking for right now, you're going to want to update your shortlist with the winners in this list.

KitGuru says: While many of our readers will upgrade or buy a new system every 18 months, some of you will keep your next PC for quite some time. In either case, you will want to very best hardware driving your gaming and work. Let us know what you think about the choices that our editors have made over on Facebook!

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