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Thermaltake TT Esports prize winners announced!

We ran a monster competition recently with the Thermaltake TT Esports guys to win loads of wicked hardware. We have been working our way through the thousands of entries and today we pick the winners! We have our fingers crossed for you!

The answer to the question ‘What resolutions does the Theron Gaming mouse support’ was Number C ‘100 dpi – 5,600 dpi’.

The 4th Prize is a headshot inducing Theron Gaming Mouse and Pyrrhus Mouse Pad!

4th prize

The winner of this 4th place prize is Peter Hora. Check your email Peter for the details!

The 3rd Prize is a bass thumping new Red SHOCK Headset!

3rd prize

The winner of this 3rd place prize is Charles Hartley. Check your email Charles for the details!

The 2nd Prize is a sexy new Level 10M Mouse in Blazing Red!

2nd prize

The winner of this 2nd place prize is Andreas Niggemann. Check your email Andreas for the details!

The 1st Prize is a stunning new Level 10 GT in Black!

1st prize

The winner of this 1st place prize is Mikko Ikonen. Check your email Mikko for the details!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and sorry to the thousands of people who didn’t win today. Take heart we will have more competitions coming soon!

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