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The KitGuru Screenshot Competition

Two weeks ago we launched the Steam KitGuru Group and within a matter of days over 500 people had already joined us. To thank you, our community, for supporting us we held a screenshot competition. Games were played, screenshots were submitted and the winners received their chosen games.

It means unicorn.

To continue the celebrations we are now hosting a new screenshot competition until 14th August 2013! So, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions.

Q: How do I enter?
A: Head over to our Steam Group page by clicking here and follow the instructions in the announcement!

Q: Which games can I choose from?
A: If you are one of the lucky winners you can choose any game on Steam with the exclusion of publisher packs. If you choose a game that requires a subscription you will be responsible for the monthly costs associated with that title.

Q: The game I want has not been released yet, can I still pick that game?
A: Not a problem. If the game has not been released yet we will pre-order it and send it to you as a gift. On the day of release you will be able to access the game like you would normally.

Q: There must be a catch, so what is it?
A: There is no catch to this competition. You can submit up to three screenshots and we will pick a winner when the competition ends. We will then message you to get the game delivered to your inbox. No hidden costs and no purchase required!

Q: Are there any other rules?
A: Racism, hate speech, harassment and any other forms of harmful behaviour will result in a ban. No exceptions. We are happy to say we have not had to ban any users and we would like to keep it that way. Topics that are highly contentious and lead to flame wars are not allowed within the group, keep it friendly.

Over 1000 fellow gamers have already joined.

The competition will close 14th August 2013  and the winners will be announced by the 15th of August 2013. Please note that if your screenshot does not begin with KitGuruComp your entry will be considered invalid.

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