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New Year Competition Winners! start the year with a bang

We hope you aren’t suffering too badly today from a hangover caused by the New Years celebrations. If you are, then perhaps we have the cure today! Are you one of the lucky winners of some of our December competitions?

First up, we have the winner from our Intel Founders signed bowling shirt competition.

The question wasn’t very difficult and even if you struggled, then a quick search on Google came up with the answer. If you still don’t know what it is, then here you go: “Moore’s Law states the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.” We accepted any answer close to this wording.

The winner of the shirt is Jimmy Milligan – check your email this morning Jimmy for the notification!


The next winner of the ADATA S510 120GB Solid State Drive is

Jeffrey McDermott – check your email this morning Jeffrey for confirmation! The answer was easy, the drive does ship with a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch adapter!


The next competition was courtesy of Cooler Master – who offered many prizes for our readers. These will ship directly from their Headquarters so give it a little time. The answer was question C. We were surprised that quite a few people got this wrong and thought it was B.

Third prize was two Cooler Master SNA 95 Laptop Adapters.

The winners of these prizes are:

Alexander Beaven
Sarah Parker
Duncan Campbell
Hayley Franklin
Allan Smith

Second prize was two Cooler Master GX550 power supplies.

The winners of these prizes are:

Allan Middleton
Robin Brookshank

First prize was a stunning Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case

The winner of this prize is:

Phil Darling

All winners will be notified today and details will be passed over to Cooler Master for shipping! Congratulations!


XFX gave away a stunning 1250W power supply and a HD6950 DD graphics card.

The answer was 3: 104amps! The winners of these prizes are:

XFX 1250W power supply:

David Newborn

HD6950 DD graphics card:

Andy Grant


If you didn’t win a prize, then don’t be too disheartened, we have others running right now, including a stunning Apple iPad 2 ! Get entering!

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