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Win two fully-loaded Intel ‘Next Gen’ powered PCs

OK. This is getting serious!

When we first announced that KitGuru was working with Asus and its partners to deliver a stunning overclocking competition – we had yet to confirm the prizes. All that has changed.

Prepare yourself for a strong dose of Wowzer, plenty of Bonza and a few mega LOLs!

Intel’s 2500k and 2600k chips have, pretty much, owned the high end overclocking space for 2011. But all that is set to change soon with the launch of Intel’s next generation processor products. Right now, no one knows exactly what to expect or when they will hit the market, but KitGuru’s sure that there will be overclocking parts and they will be faster than anything in that space right now. You can read all about the new Intel technologies over here on the Intel site.

You could be the first person you know to own a stunning Next Generation rig.

As Confused-us said, the journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step. And that’s all we’re asking you for. Well, actually, one email.

  1. Download and run CPU-Z on your system, do a screen grab and upload your score
  2. Now overclock your system
  3. Run CPU-Z again, upload that score and get a second screen grab
  4. Email both screen grabs to [email protected] along with the validation links.

That’s it. Four short steps and you’re done. It does not matter what processor you have – we’re looking for the biggest PERCENTAGE increase. Please note that you can only use air cooling.

Just run CPU-Z twice? The KitGuru ladies could not believe how easy it was to enter - but they is banned cos they work here

KitGuru readers with the 12 best scores will be invited to meet with Asus specialists and to receive a special briefing from world famous overclocker Paul Watkinson, founder of Benchtec. You will then be paired and the team with the highest score on the day, wins tickets to Multiplay’s i45 and the chance to pick up a pair of stunning ASUS ROG machines with Next Generation processing technology.

These prizes are NOT available in the shops. They will be handcrafted for you by Asus specialists using Republic of Gamers mainboards, nVidia GeForce graphics, Kingston SSD and DDR3 technology as well as BeQuiet cooling and power.

The cherry on the cake will be the BUNDLE OF ASUS GOODIES that will surround your rig – including ROG gaming gear.

Competition closes 1st March at midnight and the local finals will be held 10th March. Multiplay’s i45 takes place from 4th to 7th May.

If Cylons built PCs... Well. What can we say. Each of the prize PCs will be built using the world's most advanced processor technology. It's so advanced, that it does not even exist yet! Remember, this is EASY to enter and you have until the end of February!!!

KitGuru says: We’ve never been asked to run a competition that’s 100% skill based and where the prize is so advanced, it didn’t even exist when the competition started!  Remember, even if you have a Pentium 4 or Athlon FX processor, you can still get to the finals. We’re looking for the biggest PERCENTAGE increase – not the fastest score. It’s your skills as a clocker that will be put under the spotlight. So, what have you got to lose? Enter today by emailing your CPU-Z scores to [email protected]

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