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Modded characters make their way to Breath of the Wild

Cemu developers have worked tirelessly to make Breath of the Wild as optimised as it can be on the platform and it looks to have created a ‘Buzz' in the modding community. Recently we've seen a bunch of characters from other franchises make their way over, and while some fit better than others, Toy Story's Woody is a surprising fit.

While the character isn't known to wield a sword in any traditional sense, it's Pixar's timeless artstyle that just so happens to gel flawlessly with the latest Zelda's vibrant world. If anything, the sheer size of the world in Breath of the Wild is enough to feel like you're but a small toy in the first place.

Mods such as this seemed to be popping up all over the place, starting last week with CJ following the wrong damn train in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and ending up in Hyrule. Wandering into the wrong neighbourhood, CJ is forced to swap an armoury of guns for swords and bows to teach these fools a lesson.

This was followed shortly after with Minecraft's Steve, Mario's Waluigi and loose inspiration taken from The Witcher series in making Link look a lot like Geralt. While not heroic, Breath of the Wah starring Waluigi did crack me up a bit.

Unfortunately these mods can't be found for the vanilla version on the Nintendo Switch, but hopefully there's more to come from the modding community as Breath of the Wild's potential is limited only to the imagine of the creator.

KitGuru Says: Now, if Tom Hanks or even Jim Hanks could just come out and voice Woody for a Breath of the Wild/Toy Story crossover, that would be fantastic. What crazy mods and characters would you like to see make their way to the game?

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