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MSI Primo 81 (Snow White) 8in Tablet Review

The Primo 81 was able to handle all of the major video formats through the 4KPlayer App which is pre-installed on the tablet by MSI. We would highly recommend installing VLC or MX Player instead, though, as they are much more competent apps.


We weren’t particularly impressed with Flash video playback through the browser. We would certainly recommend downloading the YouTube app rather than watching online as we found the video stuttered when playing directly through the browser.


We downloaded Netflix onto the tablet to test the multimedia performance. This ran without issue and video quality was impressive.

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The Primo 81 is supplied with both a ‘Music’ app and ‘Play Music’. The ‘Music’ app is frankly terrible and clearly hasn’t been properly optimised for a tablet as the buttons are small and unevenly distributed across the screen. The ‘Play Music’ app is much better, though, so we would recommend using this.


The quality of sound produced from the inbuilt speakers is acceptable for a tablet, however we would recommend pairing it with a decent set of headphones for the best experience.

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