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ADATA 8GB 1600 XPG DDR3 Memory Review Version 2.0 (AX3U1600GC4G9-DG2)

In our reviews to this point ADATA memory has proven to be some of the most stable we have used. We were impressed with their 2000mhz 8GB kit and the 1600mhz 8GB version is no less impressive. What many people don’t know is that ADATA actually supply memory for other leading companies, so their pedigree is not really in question.

We particularly like this specific heatspreader design. It works with many of the oversized CPU coolers currently available on the market while offering good PCB thermals, even when pushed hard and overvolted.

The 1600mhz 8GB kit overclocked very well, reaching 1900mhz with 9-11-9 timings and even 2000mhz with 10-11-10 timings. The more expensive ADATA 2000mhz kit runs natively at 9-11-9 timings so clearly the chips are a higher grade, which explain the additional cost.

In regards to the pricing, the 2000mhz 9-11-9 kit costs around £140, while the 1600mhz variant should retail for around £100. Considering the 1600mhz version we reviewed today can overclock to 2000mhz with relaxed timings, it seems to be a very good deal.


  • 8GB means a high level of future proofing with the option to double this at a later date
  • high quality Hynix modules used
  • 2000mhz is possible with relaxed timings
  • Voltages supported right up to 1.75v
  • small heatspreader design allows for many large CPU coolers to be used.


  • Timings at 2000mhz need to be relaxed for total stability

KitGuru says: for the modest cost, this is a hell of a deal.

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Rating: 9.0.

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