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ADATA S107 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

The drive is available in two colours, blue and red. We received a red unit with 16GB capacity. The blister pack is easily ripped open, however it can’t really be re-used for storage later.

The S107 is a compact little unit measuring 61.8mm x 18.7 mm x 10.7 mm. It weighs only 13.6g meaning it can easily fit into a shirt or coat pocket without being uncomfortable. The 16GB model we received for review is rated at 100 MB/s read and 25 MB/s write. The 32GB drive has the same read speed of 100 MB/s, but is twice as fast when writing data, rated at 50 MB/s. I like the appearance of the drive, the soft, rubberised body feels durable and strong enough to withstand a fall.

The S107 is not only shockproof, but waterproof too. ADATA claim it falls in line with U.S. military regulations. In operation there is a little LED light which pulses as data is moved to and from the drive. The little rubber cap looks like it could go missing very easily however. The cap can be held in place within the circular section at the rear of the drive however.

We decided to test the waterproof capabilities with a ‘live’ test. I honestly didn’t know what would happen here, so we submerged the drive into a glass of cold water and shook it around. After removing it, we ensured no specks of water were on the USB 3.0 header and inserted into a Sony laptop. It worked fine!

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