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Dishonored co-creator working on new game with Arkane Studios

Harvey Smith, co-creator behind Deus Ex and Dishonored has revealed this week that he is back working at Arkane Studios. At the moment, we know Arkane is working on Deathloop but Smith's team is working on something else.

Speaking with Spanish outlet Vandal (via IGN), Harvey Smith returned to Arkane Austin after finishing off Dishonored 2 at Arkane Lyon: “I'm not on Deathloop , I'm on something else, working with the guys who made Dishonored and Prey.”


At the Austin studio, he is working on a new game with the creative team behind Dishonored and Prey, both of which were fantastic single-player games. Smith doesn't give away what this new game is, we just know that it is separate from Deathloop, which is a more experimental multiplayer game coming to PS5 and PC later this year.

Whatever this new project ends up being, it will likely be one of the first Arkane games to be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Microsoft is completing its acquisition of ZeniMax Media this year, making Bethesda, Arkane, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks and several other studios first-party, all falling under the Xbox Game Studios banner.

KitGuru Says: Dishonored and Prey are two of my favourite games from the last decade, so I'm looking forward to Arkane's next big single-player game. Are many of you looking forward to what Arkane does next? 

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