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Blur Studio partners with Archetype Entertainment for new Sci-fi RPG

Archetype Entertainment, a newly formed studio with the goal “to create the greatest story-driven role playing games in the world” has announced that it will be partnering with the award-winning animation company Blur Studio for its upcoming Sci-fi RPG.

Archetype Entertainment is a recently formed studio, founded by developers from both Naughty Dog and BioWare. The team also includes senior developers from Blizzard, 343 Industries, Sony Santa Monica, and id Software.

This team of developers have announced that their upcoming sci-fi RPG, (of which we currently know little about) will feature the involvement of Blur Studio. For the uninitiated, Blur Studio is an award-winning production company known for its visual effects, animation and design.

The studio has worked on a number of high profile video games and films, including assisting with James Cameron’s Avatar, while creating the opening cinematics for games including the Batman Arkham series, Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and more. Blur Studio was also founded by Tim Miller, known best perhaps for directing Deadpool.

While little is known about this new IP from Archetype Entertainment, partnering with Blur Studio is a surefire way to guarantee that if nothing else, the cinematics of this game will be high quality. Hopefully the rest of the game ends up being just as good.

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