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Picking showgirls is tough work (apparently)

During a recent visit to a test facility, KitGuru undercover agents managed to gain entry to a very unusual meeting. It was at Thermaltake's brand new Taipei office block and the meeting was to find the ladies who would be running the all important booth at Computex 2011 in June. It was hard work, but someone had to do it.

Every year, the entire world's supply of manufacturers, buyers, resellers, distributors and IT industry hacks decends on Taipei for the first week in June.

The event is Computex, a technology showcase that allows the Far East companies a perfect stage to show off their wares to a waiting world.

Spread across 2 enormous venues, the event has thousands of exhibitors and those stands will be seen by around 25,000 buyers from across the globe.

Given the importance of the event, the big question becomes, how can you stand out?

Alongside the obvious options like (a) have a unique product that no one has ever seen before and (b) building a stand to rival the pyramids, the most popular choice is the showgirl.

No matter how bright the costume, it's hard work. Morning to night, working hard to attract people onto the stand – and the obligatory shows once an hour – just in case you have not been doing enough already.

So how does a major manufacturer like Thermaltake choose which people should be on hand/stand to make the enormous investment worthwhile?  Having seen inside, it seems like a constant stream of interviews and try-outs.

The ladies must be able to woo and control a crowd, while at the same time making the technology as  interesting/appealing as possible. Here's a little sneak-peak…

Tony (left) and Charlotte (right) lead one of many selection committee meetings that start in January
Latest group of hopefuls who want to add Computex to their CVs
Applicants need to prove that they can work the crowd - only a handful of the +100 applicants will be successful
World's first demonstration of the new Tt eSports headset at Computex 2010

KitGuru says: So there you have it, it's real work (for applicants and the selection commitee) and the competition is stiff.

Comments below. Also, do you have any suggestions (male or female) for who should be manning stands at major technology shows

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