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ex Lulzsec members join Anonymous – its not over

A few days ago we reported that Lulzsec had disbanded. We also thought that due to close links members of Lulzsec would reenter the scene under a different banner. It didn’t take long for well known hacking group Anonymous reported on their twitter account that “All @LulzSec members have reported aboard”.

The latest attacks are all aimed towards Tunisian web sites , due to state censorship of the net in the country. Anonymous have also released a new ‘counter cyber terrorism training file’ onto many file sharing networks, easily accessible from anyone at home with the software installed. We haven’t seen the data ourselves, but it appears to contain information which Lulzsec acquired from some government sites.

Other hacking organisations have stepped up to the plate since Lulzsec have disbanded, with one of the larger ones ‘TeaMp0isoN’ saying that they will carry on their duties as planned. “Unlike @lulzsec, our movement dosent have an expiry date. . . . we wont ever backdown, this means a lot to us, time for a manifesto.” they said. They are the team who released Tony Blair’s contact list a short while ago.

As we said days ago, the disbanding of Lulzsec was clearly not the end, the members are just moving teams, although rumours did indicate that several people in both Anonymous and Lulzsec were already working in both teams.

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