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Intel Core i7-6700K ‘Skylake’ hits nearly 7GHz

A professional overclocker has set a new record for Intel Core i7-6700K microprocessor frequency. This time the new code-named “Skylake” processor hit nearly 7GHz, which is among the highest frequencies ever achieved by any Intel Core i-series microprocessors.

Chi-Kui Lam, a professional overclocker from Hong Kong-based HKEPC web-site, has managed to overclock an engineering sample of the Intel Core i7-6700K “Skylake-S” microprocessor to 6998.88MHz, or by whopping 74.97 per cent compared to its stock frequency. To hit nearly 7GHz, the overclocker had to disable three cores out of four and the Hyper-Threading technology. Voltage of the processor was increased from 1.2V to 1.888V.


To set the record, Chi-Kui Lam used a testbed featuring Asrock Z170 OC Formula mainboard, a G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 memory module as well as a 1300W power supply unit. The processor was cooled-down using liquid nitrogen (LN2).


The Asrock Z170 OC Formula is a premium platform for overclockers designed by Asrock and Nick Shih. The motherboard features 17-phase voltage regulator module for microprocessor that is based on high-end solid-state chokes and capacitors. The motherboard has sophisticated capabilities for overclocking and expansion. The platform sports four PCI Express 16 slots for graphics cards or solid-state drives, three high-performance M.2 (PCIe 3.0 x4) connectors for SSDs, two SATA Express connectors, USB 3.1 and so on.

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KitGuru Says: 7GHz clock-rate is clearly achievable by Intel Core i7-6700K “Skylake” processor. What remains to be seen is whether retail versions of chips will actually manage to hit 5GHz clock-rates with commercially available cooling systems and all four cores active. Extreme overclocking shows that the chips do have potential, but the value of a single-core CPU nowadays is negligible…

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  1. yeyyy.. i will play games with that setup..hahhaa..

  2. I play at the north pole.

  3. Single core 7 Ghz is a big achievement ?? Pathetic marketing stunt.

  4. Cool, where can I buy one…. :-

  5. That mus be why it is melting!

  6. That is intel for you buddy.

  7. It’s… not a marketing stunt. “Pro Overclockers” do this for the fun of it, not to sell a product.
    This is nothing new, this isn’t even the highest Overclock to date.
    Most of them can only be done when they shut off all of the other cores because the cpu would just brick. And also, it’s cooled by means in which will never be considered practical use.
    This is an achievement for intel because they’eve never had a pro OCer reach this clock or even close and keep it stable. AMD leads the ring in the world of professional OCer’s.
    This shows that intel is on the right track with their engineering as far as high level stability with their product.

  8. Actually AMD has the higher TDP and heat output, lol.

  9. To anyone confused, this isn’t for marketing nor practical use. It is simply a professional OCer showing what he’s able to obtain with the new i7. Prior to this, in the world of pro OCer’s intel has never been able to come even close to this clock and stay stable. It isn’t for the fame or intel, nor for people to believe they can buy this chip and actually utilize it for day to day computing. It’s just an awesome “personal” achievement.

  10. The 4770k already achieved 7Ghz two years ago.

  11. Lol, what is a “professional overclocker”?
    I didn’t even know that was a job.
    That’s like being a professional kazoo player.

  12. one core only active? not impressed.

  13. having all four cores active wouldn’t be a very pretty sight.

  14. Enthusiasts who go to the extreme to hit world records.

  15. Why is anyone even keeping record? Who cares.
    It’s useless for real world use and he can’t even turn on more than 1 core or sustain that kind of performance for an extended period without burning the thing out.

  16. You mean like most times masturbated in one day?
    Or loudest Pringle crunch in the world.

  17. Pretty much..I mean he had to disable 3 cores and hyper threading…not to mention freeze it…I think I’ll stick with 4ghz, fanx.

  18. That a real question? He’s an enthusiast. I can see the appeal in achieving it. It’s like asking why would people bother putting 800 HP in a Cummins Diesel 1 Ton. It’s fun pushing the limits to see what something is capable of. Why would people parkour? There’s no day to day practicality in it these days. Why refurbish furniture? Why cook food? I can’t believe I’m even typing this…