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OCZ Challenge update: 3rd ARC 100 drive dies at 384TB

Given the nature of SSD technology, one sure fire way to check reliability is to run massive amounts of data through them – which is what we started to do with five OCZ ARC 100s back on December 10th. Here's the latest update from KitGuru Labs.

The warranty term for this kind of drive is 22TB.  The second one passed away on 18th February having hit 253TB and today we can report that a 3rd drive has finally failed – this time at 384TB. That's close to 18x the data transfer level that it was designed for. Yet two drives are still going – more to follow on them!

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With 3 drives now dead, we're all wondering if any of them will make it past the 500TB or 400TB mark.

Following its takeover by electronics giant Toshiba, OCZ implemented its ‘ShieldPlus Warranty System' and it's no accident that we're seeing such longevity in the drives. They are hoping that this will put reliability issues to bed and, at 18x the designed lifespan, it seems to be working.

ShieldPlus eliminates the need for ‘proof of purchase'. Should you experience a drive failure, a new drive will be shipped to you and you can send the old one back in a prepaid envelope.

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KitGuru says: Stay tuned as we get close to the (final) end.

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