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Intel X25-V SSD 40Gb – QUAD Raid 0 performance

Rating: 9.0.

This week has been an ‘SSD-fest' on KitGuru and today we are going to take another look at the excellent Intel X25-V SSD 40GB units which we reviewed last month in both single and dual Raid 0 configurations.

Why revisit them? A handful of our readers have asked me how they ‘scale' when more than two are placed into a Raid 0 system. Intel kindly sent us four X25-V SSD drives to try in a ‘Quad' Raid 0 configuration and as we use an inexpensive (but effective) Intel DP55WG for all our SSD tests we thought this would be interesting to try.

It is even more poignant now as the X25-V drives are going to be dropping in price from their current £100 cost to around £85-90. In theory you could buy one of these drives, then keep adding to them when funds permit, enhancing system performance with each upgrade. The big question however, is it really worth your while?

Intel X25-V Value 40GB
Capacity 40GB
Controller Intel
Read: Up to 170 MB/s
Write: Up to 35 MB/s
NAND Flash 34nm Multi level Cell (MLC)
Interface SATA II
Weight 68g

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