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Visiontek GoDrive 60GB and Racer Series 120GB SSD Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are looking at two new Solid State Drives from Visiontek, a company primarily known as one of AMD’s partners in America. Both GoDrive and Racer Series are powered by the Sandforce 2281 controller, however the Racer Series features high specification 24nm Toshiba Toggle MLC NAND flash for strong incompressible data performance.

Visiontek might not be that well known in Europe, but in America they are a highly regarded AMD discrete graphics card partner. In recent years they have expanded their product portfolio and they now stock memory, power supplies, solid state drives and various peripherals. We recently reviewed their 800W Modular power supply and it walked away with our Worth Buying award.

Dealing with a single product range in the current climate has proven difficult for many companies, so it makes sense for Visiontek to diversify.

If you are looking for a new solid state drive then there are literally hundreds of models available from a wide array of manufacturers … the choices are bewildering. The Sandforce 2281 controller led the performance charts for a very long time, until OCZ released their Vertex 4 drive recently, powered by Indilinx Everest 2.

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  • Lee Sharpe

    They dont sell anything in the UK? why not? unless im missing a store.

  • Frank Lee

    Well they are fine, but why more SSD? there are hundreds of 2281 drives, im getting sick reading about them to be honest.

  • Peter

    The racer driver is impressive, but I can’t buy it here. Cant even see it on import anywhere.

    I think the names are pretty bad for these drives, GOdrive? that sounds like a kingston branded drive to me.

    still interesting to see other products I havent seen elsewhere.

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