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Firefox 4 beta 8 released, the last of 2010

Mozilla have released Firefox 4 Beta 8, the last preview it will release this year before it makes a leap into the final version in 2011.

Beta 8 appeared last night, a day later than original planned and is now available for download on the official Mozilla download site. It is also available as an update for current preview users.

This latest beta includes a simplified setup for Firefox Sync, Mozillas bookmark, password and open tabs synchronisation service. It also offers additional support for WebGL over Windows and Macintosh OSX and it has a new improved extension manager that silently will update any installed addons.

Beta 8 features 1,400 bug fixes since the last beta which was released six weeks ago. Javascript in Beta 8 is said to run faster than Beta 7’s implementation, around five percent faster according to tests run by Computerworld.

In other news Mozilla have also just released a new beta of the mobile browser which runs on Android powered smartphones.

If you want to try the new beta from Mozilla, check it out over here.

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  • Tim

    and damn good it is too, if i may say so 🙂

  • Tech Head

    It is good, but I prefer Opera myself, much better