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SteelSeries 7G Gaming Keyboard Review

Rating: 8.5.

There are many reasons why gamers might choose to buy a top-end gaming mouse which has a high-resolution sensor and a variety of configurable options.  However with gaming keyboards, things are very different; the  performance of a gaming keyboard cannot be configured so manufacturers differentiate them by including extra features rather than improving the raw performance.  So many gamers may use a standard keyboard rather than paying over the odds for a variety of features and only small improvements in performance.

Unlike some manufacturers, SteelSeries are focused on the raw performance of their gaming products rather than adding gimmicks which may look attractive on the box but serve little purpose when gaming. Today we're continuing our look at SteelSeries' range of gaming peripherals, looking at their top of the range gaming keyboard, the 7G.

Looking at the 7G it may not initially be clear why it carries a price tag of around £100 at most etailers.  However, at the heart of the keyboard there are 104 Cherry MX 18k gold plated mechanical switches which differentiate it from almost every other gaming keyboard on the market.


– Switches: Gold plated no-click

– Switch lifetime: 50,000,000 cycles

– Assembly: Face plate mounted keyset

– Dimensions: 480 x 250 mm / 18,9 x 9,8 in

– Cable length: 2 m (6,6 ft.)

– Connectivity: PS/2 + USB

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  1. Oh, very nice indeed. saw reviews of this before, but forgot about it. Its slightly misleading, the marketing I think,. its more a typists keyboard than a g amers keyboard I think. very few gaming gimmicks on it.

  2. Its a beautiful looking keyboard and reminds me a little of the DAS keyboard. Well worth the money as these feel like the old IBM boards. I hate the modern day spongy boards which populate the marketplace.

  3. When compared with microsoft and logitech gaming keyboards it seems to take a totally different focus, rather than supply screens, macro buttons and various tools to aid games, they have stripped it down and offered a fantastic system for multiple key presses and quality of key response for typists. Its an unusual product really and I admire steelseries for releasing it.

  4. I know this has been out for some time, but I missed this completely when it was released. feels like an old IBM board? really? shall try and see if our local shop can get one in to test it out. I hate buying keyboards online, its not something you can tell will suit you until you try it.

  5. I dont need sold on this, I love steelseries, but I agree, as a gaming keyboard it seems somewhat unusual, no macros, no real gaming options as such apart from the controller being able to handle loads of simultaneous key presses. quality is high, gimmicks are low, which I would assume means most mass market people wont actually get it.

  6. It is expensive, but its steelseries, it goes hand in hand.

  7. Quality keyboard, but I really dont spend that much on a board, I hardly ever use it. Would be hard for me to justify this cost. looks great, like the shape. very monolithic.

  8. I have been using the 7G for several months now and love it to death, best keyboard I have ever owned

  9. steelseries 7g does not support macros?

  10. Love it!