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I’m getting an Oculus Rift, what should I do with it?

So I bit the bullet guys. I tried a Rift again at i50 this weekend – on the simply stunning looking games, Dream and Sandman – and I decided to do it. I couldn’t wait any longer. I bought one. But I didn’t order it from the developer’s, no that would require too much of that waiting I’ve heard so many horror stories about. I bought one from someone else, which means if all goes well, it’ll be here in a day or two.

There’s lots I’m excited about trying on it. Whether it’s the dragon flying game, the rollercoaster demo (which I briefly tried at i49 earlier this year) and potentially Mirror’s Edge if I can get it to work right. But I figured as much reading as I’ve done on the more interesting development that have come out with Rift support in the last year or so, chances are there are plenty of you that have been keeping up with it longer than me. So with that in mind, I figured I’d reach out to you guys and ask what you think are the best Rift demos and games out there at the moment.

Two things I refuse to do: Go in more than one layer (Inception style) or become a woman. Anything else is fine. 

Not only should this give me plenty of awesome experiences to try out, but if there’s a few people that want me to try the same thing, I’ll write up my thoughts on it.

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